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Chances are, you’ve been hearing about CBD a lot lately and the positive effects it can have on many aspects of one’s life. But this begs the question – what exactly is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. This chemical compound has many of the same beneficial healing qualities of THC. Studies suggest it can help ease anxiety, inflammation, and even migraines, among its other medicinal uses. It differs from THC in that it is non-psychoactive; that is, it won’t get you high. This makes it an attractive supplement for people who may not be able to obtain a medical card, who have jobs with random drug testing, or who simply don’t want to experience the high of THC. If you’ve identified yourself as someone who may benefit from dosing with CBD, you may still be wondering how to best implement it into your schedule. Consider starting your day with CBD, and setting a positive tone for your day.

Why You Should Start Your Day With CBD

Beginning the day with a dose of CBD is an easy way to begin incorporating it into your life, and start reaping its benefits. You probably already have a morning ritual you’re used to, whether that’s a cup of coffee you can’t do without, a special skin care routine, or simply taking your multivitamin with breakfast. White Coat Hemp Co. offers a variety of CBD-infused products that can help take your morning routine to the next level.

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One of the most popular ways to get in a dose of CBD in the morning has been the consumption of special CBD coffees. While coffee can often exacerbate anxiety symptoms, the gentle addition of CBD tempers the effects of the caffeine. A small dose of CBD does not make you sleepy – instead, adding this to your coffee may enhance your focus, bringing you more mental clarity and fewer jitters than coffee alone. We recommend our Green Roads CBD Coffee, sourced from Huila in southern Colombia. This area produces world class coffee beans and lends a mild caramel aroma paired with a rich body and flavor to your morning java.

Of course, not everyone enjoys the taste of coffee or may want to change it up some mornings. If you’re a tea drinker, Green Roads also has a CBD tea available on our site. This is a delightful chamomile tea, sure to soothe your nerves before you take on the challenges of the day. For those who prefer a different flavor of tea in the morning, consider using a honey stick by Sun State to infuse it with some sweetness and a dose of CBD. It’s as easy as opening the package and pouring it right into your teacup. Each stick includes 10mg of CBD oil.

Energy drink mix is also available, a delicious concoction created by Joy Organics which combines 75mg of natural caffeine with 12.5mg of CBD hemp extract. Just mix with 12 to 24 ounces of water to create a healthy energy drink that will give you a no-crash boost.

CBD Face Wash

Outside of drinks, CBD can also be included in topical applications to your morning routine, in the beauty products you’re already used to. We recommend CBD for Life’s face wash and body cleanser, a gentle and effective way to clear clogged pores and reduce inflammation at the same time. This works into a lather for a truly refreshing way to wake up.

Joy Organics has created a CBD day cream suitable for everyday use, which is a totally natural way to preserve your skin’s health, softness, and complexion. The CBD present in this cream’s formula will help to nourish and heal your skin and is paired with other moisturizing staples such as almond oil, citrus essential oil, and chamomile essential oils. You’ll love applying this light, fragrant cream daily, which will keep your face looking young and rejuvenated.

Then we have the no-frills way to easily add CBD into your morning routine, with an assortment of edible CBD supplements. We have a CBD gummy in the store which has 10mg of CBD oil, and is a yummy addition to your daily handful of supplements and pills. 

You can also find energy CBD capsules by Lazarus, a caffeine capsule with 25mg of CBD included which helps to balance possible negative side effects of the caffeine. These are completely vegan, and also have the benefits of added L-Theanine and vitamin B12. 

Finally, MedTerra has a product called CBD Good Morning capsules, an all-in-one soft gel that blends caffeine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, and MCT oil, with the highest quality CBD to provide mental clarity from dawn until dusk. 


Q: When is the best time to take CBD?

A: We recommend taking CBD in the morning, as it has no psychoactive effects that will hamper your normal daily activities, but any time of day is a good time to take it. If you tend to experience anxiety before bed, you may want to add an evening CBD nightcap into your routine. However, a morning dose of CBD should calm your jitters throughout the day, and may be able to alleviate any nighttime anxiety before it even begins. Experimentation is key to understanding what works best for you.

Q: How often should you take CBD?

A: This varies from person to person, and it may take some experimentation to find your perfect dosage. A good starting point is a small dose (10-25mg) once daily. Pay attention to how you feel. That amount of CBD may be enough for you to fully experience its medicinal or mood-boosting benefits, or you may want to consume or apply more CBD. Although no harmful side effects of CBD have been reported, you should always consult with your doctor before adding this or any supplement to your diet.

Q: How long does CBD take to work?

A: You should feel the effect of CBD within a half hour of consuming CBD orally or between 25 to 45 minutes of applying a CBD topical. Note that while current scientific evidence has appeared to support the claim of anti-inflammatory, medicinal properties of CBD, the food and drug administration does not yet support its use as an alternative to prescription medications, and the suggestions within this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure chronic pain, mood disorders, or other ailments.


Don’t trudge through your mornings anymore; with CBD, you can feel energized and start your day on the right foot. Whether you’re mixing it into your morning cup of joe or taking a supplement, working CBD into your daily routine has never been easier. If you have skin conditions you’d like to treat with CBD, there are a multitude of infused body washes and lotions available for a seamless transition into your skincare regimen. Have a CBD powered morning and feel its positive effects on your body and mind for the rest of the day.

Disclaimer: Any therapeutic claims of CBD or THC contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are for information purposes only.

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Disclaimer: Any therapeutic claims of CBD contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are for information purposes only. Products on this site contain no more than 0.3% THC.