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Goodboy Pet Tinctures is an all natural way to help our furry friends. Our blend of broad spectrum cannabinoid CBD oil is made specifically for cats and dogs with a palatable wild salmon flavor. The unique thing about Goodboy Pet Tinctures is the blend of CBD and Glucosamine that is meant to help our four legged friends with joint health and pain. Glucosamine is often given to dogs and cats with joint problems or pain and actually helps to rebuild tissue and soft cartilage and keeps your pets in tip top shape. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our furry friends and thanks to Goodboy Tinctures now we can help them with the very best. Proudly sourced and manufactured in the USA.

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One Dropper (20 Drops)




Fill dropper and administer orally. Can also be mixed with food or water.


CBD 250MG, Glucosamine 1500MG

1 review for GoodBoy Pet Tincture

  1. Larry Olsen

    I picked Goodboy Salmon for our 7yr old Maltipoo Winsten. He has luxating patellas (bad knees) and sometimes has a hard time getting around. We have been giving him 6 drops on his wet food because of his size and weight. I swear he is a completely normal dog now. He even seems to have a little more pep in his step. He has always been a little jumpy too and he seems less of a spaz but not at all lethargic. We will definitely be recommending and buying this again.

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