Green Roads CBD Coffee


Green Roads CBD Coffee


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This CBD infused coffee by Green Roads is just the thing to start your day off right. Each bean is infused with full spectrum cannabidiol , each cup  provides your endocannabinoid system with the full benefits of CBD. The mildly sweet flavor profile has a delicate caramel aroma and a rich flavor could boost your energy and your mood, both day and night. These beans are imported from southern Colombia, from an area called Huila, that is renowned for producing the best coffee beans in the world. This ground coffee comes in 2oz, 8oz or 16 oz packages and is 100% natural and fair trade certified so you can purchase this CBD coffee from Green Roads with confidence.


2oz, 8oz, or 16oz


60mg, 250MG or 500mg


15 MG of CBD per TBSP




Grind Desired quantity of Beans. Brew 2 level tablespoons of ground coffee beans per 6 Oz water. Adjust ratio according to taste.


Excelso Colombian Supremo Whole Coffee Beans, 250 MG Hemp-Derived CBD Extract


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